Anno Accademico 2023 - 2024
  • Presidente Corso di studio           Prof.ssa Deborah Pacetti      tel. 071 2204307     e-mail: d.pacetti@univpm.it
  • Responsabile qualità:                    Dott. Michele Cianci              tel. 071 2204686     e-mail: m.cianci@univpm.it

Breve presentazione

The Master's Degree curriculum in "Food and Beverage Innovation and Management" aims to train professionals able to perform technical tasks and advanced management activities in food and beverage production, processing, storage, distribution and administration. The curriculum intends to give the graduate the ability to combine innovation and sustainability in Italian food tradition, and more generally, in the Mediterranean one, aspect that contribute to identify the curriculum as unique at the national and European level.
In order to reach the above goals, graduates will acquire specific skills in the following areas:
a) Safety and quality of raw materials and finished food products, including advanced knowledge on biochemical, chemical and microbiological aspects related to the composition of raw materials, traceability, control of processes, risk evaluation and management, knowledge of the current legislation concerning food safety and quality;
b) Food processes and technologies, with special focus on topics related to the process innovation (biotechnologies and emergent technologies for production and stabilization of foods and beverages) and products innovation (functional foods, novel foods), as well as environmental sustainability of processes and rationalization of energy use;
c) Agribusiness economics and management, including agro-food politics, in order to insert the student in the socio-economic and international context of the course aims.
The program of the Master's degree Course is based on:
- A strong interaction among the specific learning activities, leading to an interdisciplinary view of all the various topics according to a systemic approach;
- The use of several modalities and supports for teaching, which, besides the traditional approach (ex cathedra teaching) making use of the most updated textbooks, will include: critical reading and discussion of scientific papers, practical lab activities, active participation to seminars and workshops, also organized through collaboration with agro-food companies and specialists;
- The use of the platform Moodle, a Learning Management System (LMS), for a blended learning in order to integrate the traditional teaching approach with innovative informatics technologies, able to create personalized learning environments allowing to supply the courses content to the authorized users, and to keep track of individual attendance and activity (student accesses and duration, scores).
For skills acquired and developed in the curriculum, the Graduates in Food and Beverage Innovation and Management can work as freelancers or professionals in companies that, at different levels, deal with production, processing, storage and distribution of food, drinks, foods for special purpose, supplements, functional foods, ingredients, enzymes, processing aids, food additives and flavorings. Their skills are also required, in public and private organizations that carry out analysis, control and certification for safeguarding and promoting food production. Graduates can also demonstrate their professionalism in companies related to the production of food, which provide materials, facilities, equipment and services.


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