Seminari 2017

                                                                                      AULA 140/3      ore 14.00-19-00
27/04/2017 ANNO  
Francesca Biondi  2 Evaluation of pre and post harvest quality of Brassicaceae (Metodi di valutazione della qualità pre e post raccolta per le Brassicaceae)
Cecile Limera  2 The new biotechnological tools used in genetic improvement of major fruit tree crops
Jonathan Concas  2 Methods to explore beneficial fungal endophytes in grapevines affected by trunk diseases
Renzo Foglia  2 Mycorrhiza as biotic disease resistance inducers
Razieh Rajestary 1 Innovative strategies for management of postharvest diseases of fruit in Iran
25/05/2017 ANNO  
Beatrice Giannetta  2 Studying soil organic matter under different land uses through different fractionation procedures
Giacomo Mei 2 Vegetation and soil mesofauna as proxy to understand ecology in coppices and residual woods. Methodologies and procedures
Laura Trozzo 1 Soil GHG emissions from organic farming systems
Francesco Malandra 1 Natural and anthropogenic disturbances in mountain forest ecosystems
Riccardo Meo 1 Analysis of organic market: most important supply chains and main marketing channels
01/06/2017 ANNO  
Nino Loreto  2 Materials and methods for insects as feed and food
Riccardo Sabbatini 1 Studio ed impiego di microrganismi per la produzione di bevande innovative/funzionali
Gabriele Minazzato 1 Regulation of vitamin B3 metabolism in plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR)
Andrea Roncolini 1 Microbiological aspects related to the production of edible insects (Aspetti microbiologici legati alla produzione di insetti edibili)
08/06/2017 ANNO  
Valerio Di Vittori  2 Fine mapping approaches for the identification of major genes with agronomical importance
Antonia Mores 2 Association mapping
Ana Velimirovic 2 Phenotyping of root traits
Eda Bozkir 1 Improving organoleptic quality of dry and green bean varieties
Fabrizio Rossetti 2 Technological innovation applied to the winemaking tradition: material and methods
Elisa Sabatinelli  2 New approach to investigate the quality of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, multi scale virtualization of the structure and analysis of fundamental rheological properties: materials and methods
09/06/2017 ANNO  
Micol Marcellini 1 Control of irrigation and fertilization on growth, yield and quality of strawberry fruits.
Irene Medori  2 Application of regulated deficit irrigation methods on peach orchard
Lara Lucchetti 1 Phytophenological sequences in agro-ecosystems (Cronologia fenologica degli agroecosistemi)
Alessandra Giardinieri 1 Effects of thermal treatment on nutritional quality of vegetables
Alessio Ilari 2 Metodi per la valutazione LCA e delle emissioni di sistemi innovativi per la gestione dei residui del settore agroindustriale (Methods for emissions and LCA evaluation of innovative residues management of the agri-food sector)