Seminari 2018

Seminari Dottorandi 1° e 2° anno
27/04/2018 - AULA 140/1 - 14:00 / 18:30 
Lucchetti Lara Metodologia di studio fenologico della vegetazione spontanea per la gestione degli ambienti di margine degli agroecosistemi 2° anno
Roncolini Andrea Research methods to assess the microbiological aspects of edible insects 2° anno
Capriotti Luca Candidate genes and their applications for inducing fungal resistance in Vitis spp 1° anno
Ricci Angela Plant defence: RNAi approaches 1° anno
08/05/2018 - AULA 140/1 - 14:00 / 18:30 
Minnazzato Gabriele Methods for the characterization of transcription factors 2° anno
Trozzo Laura Soil greenhouse gas (CO2, N2O, CH4) emissions from alfalfa in rotation with durum wheat, in organic farming system 2° anno
Malandra Francesco The landscape ecology approach for the analysis of land use changes in mountain areas 2° anno
Sabbatini  Riccardo Methods for the study of pro-technological and spoilage yeasts in food industry 2° anno
Baldoni Nora The effect of biochar on the different levels of C "protection" not only in the shallow layer but also below 1° anno
Choudhury Md Abdul Mueed Evaluation and assessment of the urban green infrastructures and periurban forestry considering the planning and sustainability of a climate smart city through the GIS mapping and remote sensing tools 1° anno
29/05/2018 - AULA 140/1 - 14:00 / 18:30
Marcellini Micol Maximize strawberry's production with proper irrigation based on plant natural request 2° anno
Meo Riccardo Estimating production in organic durum wheat. A multiple imputation approach on yield data 2° anno
Hoseini Marziyeh Production of agri-food derived compost, soil and plant responses following its application 1° anno
Serrani Dominique Farming system and a possible presence of Terra Preta in Mozambique; how the system works and making it more sustainable 1° anno
Scalise Amelia Ornamental  plants for food use 1° anno
Dubiwak Biyensa Gurmessa Effects of anaerobic digestion of animal waste, biochar and biological remediation on veterinary antibiotics in soil 1° anno
Montecchiari Silvia Dinamismi vegetazionali e neo formazioni forestali: il caso della robinia pseudoacacia 1° anno
05/06/2018 - AULA 140/1 - 14:00 / 18:30
Rajestary Razieh Use of natural compounds for the control of postharvest decay in strawberry 2° anno
Bozkir Eda Improving the nutritional and organoleptic quality of green beans 2° anno
Giardinieri Alessandra Effects of thermal treatment on nutritional quality of fish 2° anno
Serrallegri Alessandra Phloem-feeding insect vectors of plant pathogens in vineyard 1° anno
Bucci Giorgia Precision agriculture as a driver for sustainable farming systems: state of art in literature and research 1° anno
Mia Md Jebu Low input orchard floor management for sustainable development 1° anno

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